Curious about the messages your Angels, Guides or loved ones on the Other Side would send to you? 
Are you ready to receive the validation and love that you have been wondering about from your spiritual team?
Do you want the feeling of high frequency connection to Spirit through a trained clairvoyant so you can experience a totally new level of peace, joy and clarity?
As a Medium and a clairvoyant Intuitive, I can tap into the non-physical realm and receive communication from spiritual beings and your Higher Self. By raising my frequency, I am able to receive and interpret emotions and energy, as well as receive images and visions in my mind’s eye from them. 

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Intuitive Guidance Reading
“My readings and prayer work with Dr. Karin fully embody what it means to feel light. I am lighter. After our sessions, I feel confident and reassured that I am right where I am supposed to be."

D. - Actress
“When you are in the midst of finding your true self, so many thoughts cloud your perspective. Through the intuitive spiritual stillness and reading, you find clarity in the storm of life. When life circumstances happen, we lose sight of that inner light and calling. It’s an intentional awakening of your soul.
It’s an open invitation for your soul to be free and allow enlightenment to be present. It’s like taking the dust off what is your life and connecting it to the pieces of who God intended you to be.

Through my reading, I felt as through the chaos in my own inner thoughts were exposed in a way for me to find perspective and truth. It brought life to the areas of my soul that needed to find freedom and peace."

Felicia H. - Program Coordinator, Women’s Activist
“My Intuitive Guidance Reading has been my favorite experience working with Dr. Karin. I use if as a foundation for a lot of my intentions anytime I feel disconnected. The energies she saw and felt were no doubt those of my angels.

The detailed scenarios truly awakened me to my potential. I felt supported, guided and euphoric! I don’t feel shame and guilt for who I am anymore because my angels that she saw are completely accepting of me.

We are all guided and she helped remind me that they are indeed around me all the time! I truly believe that the blue butterfly that she saw in the reading was indeed my Mom’s Mom. And nobody even knows her! The guy with the arm up, and brown hair … Yea. All happening. And the carnival. Not yet, but I feel like that’s a metaphor for my life. Fun. Risky. Awe inspiring. And flashy. 

I get emotional remembering it all because she was there. She felt it. She was completely invested and in tune with me and all of it!”

Jen T. - Future podcast star
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